Lose Weight More Than 22 Pounds In Just 12 Days

We bet you can lose 22 pounds in 12 days minimum, of course if you follow the diet plan we are going to present.

Numerous people face difficulties in their try to lose weight in a healthy way, so additional measures are taken to get the desired results.

Nutritionists from the whole world claim that if a person follows a diet of this type twice a year, they can really increase their overall health.

Guidelines for the diet:

Remember that you should never eat before you go to bed, which is at least three to four hours before you go to bed.

You should also only use sesame oil, flax oil and olive oil for cooking. When you finish this diet, do not go back to your old habits and stick to eating healthy food.

You should also give yourself some more room to breathe. Drink green tea and water in huge amounts.

Day 1 – consume dairy products, at least five cups of yogurt, and green tea and a tablespoon of olive oil as well

Day 2 – this day is fruit day and you should eat fruits, for example four to six oranges, and green tea and a tablespoon of olive oil

Day 3 – eat some cottage cheese, and consume green tea and a tablespoon of olive oil

Day 4 – this day is reserved for cooked vegetables, or more precisely, five cups of it, as well as green tea and 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Day 5 – this day is a treat day, as you need to consume green tea and dark chocolate

Day 6 – this is second fruit day, and this time you need to consume about six apples, water, green tea, and a tablespoon of olive oil

Day 7 – this is a day when you should consume about ten ounces of cheese and green tea

Day 8 – the eighth day is reserved for salads, four kinds of fresh salads, along with green tea and a tablespoon of olive oil

Day 9 – today you should consume green tea, one tablespoon of olive oil, and nearly fourteen ounces of roast beef. These ingredients will keep you satisfied and refreshed.

Day 10 – this is one more day for consuming fresh salad, three to four portions, alongside with plenty of green tea

Day 11 – the eleventh day is reserved for cottage cheese and you should consume nearly 17 ounces of it. Of course, you should also consume green tea and a tablespoon of olive oil

Day 12 – eat one banana, two grapefruits and at least five eggs yolks. Also, drink a lot of green tea.

The first differences should be noticed and felt three to five days after commencing the diet. Additionally, you can consume a bit of grilled chicken or fish, but just a bit, so that you do not completely shock your body. In case you have some health problems, consult your doctor before you start this diet.

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